Sunday, January 06, 2013


The Twelve Days of Christmas are over and today is the Epiphany. January 6th. Since the mid 300's a really overloaded Christian feast day. Between East and West, it's for Christ's birth, the visit of the Magi, his Baptism in the Jordan and the miracle at Cana. It's the day when the Christmas decorations come down. When the Orthodox bless the rivers. And when Befana the witch gives Italian kids presents.

I have a new decoration up, the Ex Cathedra masthead for 2013. Muted colors. Appropriate for a declinist, no? Three images. For sex, a favorite image of the Jacob wrestling with the "angel.". For politics, a crop from The Forgotten Man. For religion, the Crusaders vs the Mohammedans. Or the French at Poitiers expelling the Muslim invaders. Or 700 years of Spanish history. Etc.

And, of course, the same humility.



Anonymous said...

Very nice, but I still drink New Coke.

PNWReader said...

I think I prefer the Renaissance / Baroque ExCathedra, but given what you charge for a subscription, I can't complain about the masthead.

For more titillation, you could put up pictures of you as a priest, as homo qui amat homines, and finally you running for Feinstein's seat.

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