Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sample taken

Having grown weary of plot and blood, I let Spartacus wander out of my field of vision. Decided to take peek at current status. Not much change. Oceans of blood, stop motion camera work, acres of muscle.
And  funny attempt to mimic spoken Latin by removing most articles in speaking. The and a/an are few and far between.

Et narrationis et sanguinis taesus, ego Spartacum ex visionis meae campo vagare permisi. Placuit mihi statum actualem observare. Alteratio parva: aequora sanguinis, opus cameratum a motu cessato, musculorum herediae. Conationem ridiculam faciunt ad Latinae formam linguae imitandam per remotionem articulorum loquendi et definitorum et indefinitorum. Ille the ac a aut an raro audentur.

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