Monday, January 21, 2013

The day of the jackals

My contempt for the incumbent and all his works needs no repetition, even as the loathesome liturgy of Obamanation unfolds today.

As for the sainted MLK, appropriately cast below in Maoist style, if we must now always hear about the slaveholding sins of the "propertied white men" who founded our nation, the flawed and imperfect Washingtons and Jeffersons, etc. or of Columbus as the father of New World genocide, then I will always point out that "Dr." King was a serial adulterer and a serial plagiarist, whose university work and doctoral degree was founded on a lie and whose Dream Speech was largely stolen from another author, one of his "bruthas." Rev. "Content of our character" is no saint to me, and only fifty years later, the results of his works have been fatal to this country.

Barry Hussein O contemplating the bust+ of St Mao Ze King

The martyred Christian pacifist has given way to the Holders and Sharptons and Obamas (to name only a few), the touching little school girls to armies of bitch-n-ho baby mamas, all those shirt and tie marching men in search of jobs to the generations of fatherless hiphop gangstas, proud of their ebonic illiteracy and thuggish violence.

The segregated 60% White Birmingham where he marched has deteriorated into a 75% Black desert of corruption and self-inflicted poverty and crime. Just like every other Black majority and Black run place in the US: Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit, Baton Rouge, Camden and Trenton St. Louis, etc. All blamed, of course, on White America. Even when successful, Blacks get to play the Eternal Victim and we're supposed to buy it. I don't buy it any more. None of it. To paraphrase from a local wag, "I have a dream" has turned out to mean "I have a scheme."

Color me White, and profoundly and thoroughly unimpressed.


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