Friday, April 24, 2015

Apophthegmata non patrum

Two good thoughts, altered in form,  via Greg Johnson.

Equality: creationism for liberals.

White guilt and White grandiosity: two sides of the same coin.


When it comes to human origins, liberals are Darwinian fundamentalists. Evolution via natural selection, absent any hint of a spiritus rector, is the required POV for admission to polite society.
When it comes to human actualities, however, "equality!"  And actual evidence be damned. Equality, the counterfactual status of which is evident to anyone who can unblind themselves to the mantras, must be chanted endlessly, lest the actual consequences of Darwin be revealed. 

And as I have written before, we then have the ludicrous spectacle of liberals, who believe that we are just clever apes, requiring us to live more like angels than the Church ever did.


Whites take vastly disproportionate responsibility for the world. Didn't we invent the silly idea of "humanitarianism?"  Certainly a good part of that pathological altruism and its leapfrog morality is a greatly inflated sense of our own power and worth hiding underneath all the Lenten self-flagellation. Once you take a Christian conscience and erase the Christian God, you have to take His place as the One Responsible For Everything (the grandiose part) but since you are manifestly sinful flawed and limited, then you are in a perpetual state of repentance with no one to forgive you (the guilty part).

When foolish college girls run off to perform some saving work for Africans (in Africa, of course; Baltimore seems not to be on the exhibitionist menu), the underlying assumption is that she, as a privileged Caucasianette "global citizen", has something to offer them that they can't get by themselves. Her foreground motivation is guilt-inspired responsibility but the background belief is in her special snowflakeness. 

There are many theories of the origins of this sad condition, but it does lead to the pathetic sight of highminded Whites traitorously competing for moral status by proclaiming and denouncing the sins of their people before a tribunal composed entirely of their envious and resentful enemies. Who the hell else would engage in such bizarrely suicidal antics? The Chinese? The Muslims? The Blacks? La Raza? Who?

Do you see why I think Whites are The Most Foolish People On The Planet ©?


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