Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The sexy jerkboy

Seann William Scott.

Always had a weak spot for a mesomorphic smart aleck.

Like Mr Scott.

And Mr. B.


He did a film more than 10 years ago with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. They would have made a great Daddy/Boy pair...


Anonymous said...

I never pegged you for the Daddy/Boy pairing...interesting.


p.s. Did you have anything to do with the pasta select feature? THAT, I would peg you for.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Although I had a LTR with a man significantly younger than myself, we did not do the Daddy/Boy thing. It does not appeal to me directly, but I can appreciate it in others.

Pasta select?

Anonymous said...

Funny you say that Scott and Johnson would have a Daddy/Boy thing, since Johnson is only four years older than Scott. Though they do say that Daddy/Boy relationships are as much about attitude as about age difference… and there are few if any men that Johnson would rank as a Beta to.

Scott isn't quite my thing. I can see why some people go for him, but his combination of facial features doesn't do it for me: the beady eyes and the way his cheekbones and jaw converge on the prominent chin makes his face seem ferrety from certain angles.

There was a movie his starred in a few years ago, where he played the resident goon (think the Hanson Brothers from Slapshot) on a hockey team. He put on a lot of weight for the role, and it filled out his jawline significantly. Some would probably say that it made him look a little dim, but… I don't know why, but he looks irresistible to me. Probably has to do something with the fact that the silhouette of his face in the movie matches almost exactly with some guys I used to play with (and, yes, carried a bit of a torch for).

My hockey thing could probably inspire a blog unto itself. More on that later, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

To prove you aren't a robot, you have to pick out the pictures of pasta now. They also provide a helpful sample picture to the right.

Do they pat butts in hockey? If not, that must have been a disappointment. C'est la vie, Je suis puer...

p.s. this time it was cake. I guess it wasn't your magic touch Monsieur Cathedra.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Oh, yeah. The pasta and the cake, etc. is all from Blogger. Not under my control at all.

Even though I lived in Canada a long time, hockey was just part of the environment, really. I don't think they pat butts. Too much outfit to make it worthwhile. But I wasn't really paying attention.

The Daddy/Boy dyad is just one riff on the hierarchical nature of a lot of male love. Age difference need not be great; it's more about character style.




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