Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Denying the mantra

Rape Culture…or Rape DNA? - Taki's Magazine:

Regardless of the issues with the study involved, the article is worth perusing simply for Mr Goad's pointing out that, contrary to the now canonical belief that rape is about power, not sex, “Sex and power aren’t discrete entities; if anything, they’re nearly synonymous.”

Feminists dream of some Platonic sexual world defined entirely by "mutuality."

Which lack of power-based conflict leads to the well-known fenomenon of Lesbian bed death.

In couples counseling, getting people to be honest about the power dynamics is very difficult, largely because of the current fantasy that the default stance of a twosome should be equality.

BS.  Power operates constantly in all relationships. It is by design of nature, as inherent and inescapeable as eating and drinking, and only egalitarians (and love-blinded Christians or compassion-blinded Buddhists) have a problem with that.

Funny how Lefties, who are obsessed with power and how to get it, seem to get all ambivalent about it, as if you could have power that wasn't really power.

Oh, well

Yeah, sex-and-power. Close friends.


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