Sunday, April 12, 2015

Haidting on Liberals

Though Liberal moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt asserts that Liberals only recognize one half of the spectrum of human moral concerns, --care, fairness and freedom--this is only true on the foreground and conscious level. In fact, just like conservatives, they do respond to the other three foundational elements of group loyalty, authoritative direction and protecting the sacred. Liberals are, in fact, as religious as conservatives, perhaps even more so. Liberalism is so ungrounded in logic or empirical evidence that it only makes sense as a dogmatically revealed tribal faith. Is it an accident that it has been created by apostate Christians and secular Jews? It's simply that they code their religion as a set of secular political ideas. Just like their Marxist cousins did. And their behavior, when viewed through the lens of religion, makes perfect sense. At least their Muslim cousins admit that.

Group loyalty: the conglomerate of victim groups and their success-group advocates forms the Liberal nation. Unlike the feckless Right, they rarely if ever engage in intra-group battles. The dogmatic dictum stands: No enemies to the Left. This sense of group loyalty explains their rabid hatred of individuals who, by rights, should be part of the Tribe of Justice, but betray their true nature by being Black Republicans or gay conservatives or female libertarians.

Authority: the Party Line of PC rules all. Once it is set, there is no dissent allowed. Gay marriage is a great example. Evolution on this issue, once tolerated, has now been banned. Failure to celebrate and privilege samesex marriage is an excommunication offense. Transgender rights, the "next civil rights frontier" is edging toward that status. Woe betide the treasonous and subversive H8er who fails to embrace the doctrine du jour once it is settled. Like the herd belief "settled science" on Global Warming Climate Change.

Sacredness: a single example will suffice to show that Lefty environmentalism is inundated with the sacredness/sacrilege element. A recent article suggested the people should stop climbing Mt Everest because they are leaving trash behind and thus wounding Mother Gaia. Consider, from a utilitarian POV, what actual harm can some trash do at a mountain peak where no animals live? Well, none, but it violates the sacredness of Pristine Nature, no? If this is not a religious objection to profanation of a holy place, I don't know what is.

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