Thursday, April 16, 2015

Even fewer than thought

Health survey gives government its first large-scale data on gay, bisexual population - The Washington Post:

The 2011 Williams Institute survey estimated the LGB and T US population at around 3%+/- altogether.

The T's were counted at .003%  (And now they are the "newest Civil Rights frontier" in our bathrooms).  Oh, and our language. Listen to the solemn tones of the Wall Street Journal on our desperate need to heal English's painful flaw, nay, oppressive crime,  in lacking an inclusive 3rd person pronoun:
Lately, transgender issues have been driving the call for a more inclusive pronoun. The singular “they” avoids having to assign a static role to someone transitioning from one gender to another. And many who identify as transgender or “gender fluid” would prefer the use of the pronoun “they” rather than “he” or “she.”
Can you believe this crapola?

You better. Your Moral and Intellectual Superiors have decided the Narrative for you.

As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself...

The 2014 CDC last summer found 1.6% gay/lesbian and .07% bi.

Williams found a lot more Bi's.

In any case, about 2% of the population has managed to alter the structure of marriage to suit its leadership's agenda and helped the Left drive the free exercise of religion into a jail cell.

As with Jews --a similarly over-powerful and tiny slice of the pie-- and the Eternal Negroes of 12%+, who are The Centerpiece of American History, these aggrieved victims take up huge amounts of space in our culture. And wield outsized power, to their benefit, and the hell with the rest of society.

A big part of it is their tribal loyalty --which, say, heteros and Whites and males and Christians are absolutely forbidden even to allow themselves to consider because Crimethink!-- and their lobbhying organizations and their laser-like focus on the foolish modern West's Achilles heel (slavishly compassionate guilt/caring for hostile strangers whose feelings you have hurt, you nasty person), plus their concentration in big cities, where media and government are within easy reach and easily able to project a presence and importance all out of proportion to their numbers.

Talk about disparate impact.

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Anonymous said...

This is almost relieving, though. Perhaps the whole UKIP, PEDIGA and AWB (South Africa) trend will catch on here. It isn't as though we can't reason with the Mestizos (send their asses back to costaguadamexirico) and we don't have it nearly as bad as these people do. I say, this all means it is likely that we won't be under their acrylic thumb for too much longer. Though, perhaps for all of my years of being told the opposite, I am an optimist.

I just do not see this lasting forever. Leftism will be hard to tackle but, once the sacred cows are no longer suitable to tow, it will lose credibility. Once the deviants and browns (too similar) lose their sheen, they will be blamed by the aging assholes as the real reason equality and democracy never worked out. Then, after all of these years of calling him a far-rightist, the left will go full Hitler on everybody. There will be a shitstorm of self-blaming and confusion among American Whites but, eventually, they will listen to people like you and Brett Stevens and we will be on the right track again. I can live with all of this. I will likely be relatively fine through all of this. At least our race, especially the blondes, won't disappear. If that looks like a distinct possibility, I am going for the jugular.


p.s. it was bread this time...

Anonymous said...

Often times, when I read and hear men write about issues facing me, the topic inevitably turns to relationships. I always ask, "What about the guys who like guys?!", but after reading this, I have to wonder if there's even a point wasting ink on 1% of the population.


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