Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Charles Murray is about to call on Amurricans to engage in massive civil disobedience to a Federal government he deems completely and irrevocably out of Constitutional control.  And to start a self-defense insurance fund to support the effort. Secession by non-compliance.

Libertarians are usually bright, at least in an instrumental way. But they lack all notion of culture, without which, politics is a truncated ideological mess. They are rationalist individualists to the core.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer gave an off-puttingly snide but essentially correct reading of post-War American conservatives in his speech at the most recent NPI meeting.

I roll my eyes now every time I hear a well-heeled Jew complain about the "Holocaust" or some Black politican whine about "the legacy of slavery." No more worth listening to than a Kennedy weeping over the Potato Famine, a Greek getting hysterical about the loss of Constantinople or some Muzzie pining over lost Al-Andalus.

It's not that I begrudge anyone their history. Elegiacs have their place, for sure. It's the attempt to get me to take some moral responsibility for it, much less care about it. As Mr B says to his manipulative students, "You're trying to turn your problem into my problem."

The decision of the churches to cast their lot with the invading Third Worlders and to abandon the tradititional peoples of Christendom has made me feel more alienated from Christianity than at any time since I left the Church back in the late 80's.  The inability to accept homosexuality was just that, an inability. But promoting the demographic destruction of the West, that's been a choice.

Whenever I listen to or see some creepy Social Justice Warrior going on about their oppression, I fantasize creating a huge wall around places like Detroit (including Dearborn) and then dropping off all these worthless Caucasian pussies inside, to live out their dreams with all the victims they advocate for. And filming it.



Anonymous said...

We could fund a trip to Mars with that footage.

I suppose you are the Elegiac of Catholicism, huh? I have nice things to say but, it just seem less sincere when they are meant for someone as self aware as you are.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Too kind

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