Friday, April 10, 2015

Mother Nature vs Feminist Ideology

Guess who wins?

Last Infantry Officer Course in Marine experiment drops female officers:

Mother Nature, apparently, is a sexist pig.

Or is that sexist sow?

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Anonymous said...

Let's be honest though, we all saw this coming. All the left will see will be sexual discrimination so, they could get their way without even having to objectively prove their assertions on equality or likely claims of sexism. On one hand, we are doomed. On the other, maybe we should all just prop our feet up and let the feminists go to war with Islam in the East? The only problem is that Sub Way will lose employment so, who will make our sandwiches?


Anonymous said...

Inevitable, but gratifying none-the-less. Nature just doesn't care about quotas and the hurt feelings of squealing little children.


Anonymous said...

Das wayciss.


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