Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Excusing Nature, Blaming Us

Two female social science researchers have concluded that the "underrepresentation" of wymynz and Africans-in-America in high-demand academic fields is the result --surprise!-- of societal attitudes. These two groups are not generally expected to be "brilliant" by others and so they don't act brilliantly.
“Women and blacks... through exposure to culture that constantly tells them... that they do not have an aptitude for things like math and physics, have come to believe this is true.”
I beg to differ. Look at the Potemkin Village overrepresentation of galactically brilliant females and blacks in media, in TV and in movies. What's surprising is when you see one of them who isn't "brilliant."

Of course, being the evil H8er that he is, ExC suspects that somehow a combination of native talent and interest might account for this so-called "underrepresentation."

What are the rules for representation, by the way?

Do you have to match the numbers for a country, a city, an age group? By gender, by sexual orientation, my marital status, regional origin?

When Blacks are "overrepresented" in crime, this is an outrage and a scandal. (Imagine all the cells they are taking up that, by rights, belong to Whites and Asians!). But when Jews are "overrepresented" in law, medicine, government, finance, art, media, science...where's the screaming?

Sometimes these rules confuse me.

Maybe society never expected me to be "brilliant" enough to understand them.



Anonymous said...

The constant flood of images of Asians as successful that has been the hallmark of American mass media for the past 100 years explains why they do so well in every field and why they are so under represented in prisons.

Or, Is it something else? Yes, it could be.

The Bishop of Portland

Anonymous said...

Someone under the title The Bishop of Portland is making a face-value argument in favor of the left argument. Am I dense? Because I honestly cannot tell if this is satire or not.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

His Grace, a familiar commentor, is not a man of the left.

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