Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Le plus profond, c'est la peau*. Paul Valery.

(Although my blog is full of pithy wisdom, crucial information and life-changing opinions,
the Blogger Stats program tells me that this was, until 2013, my most popular post ever. By far. Ten times more viewed than the second most popular post.
It has now, in 2013, been eclipsed by this.)


A German fella named Logan McCree (?). Nice guy; worked out at my gym one evening. Don't know why, but the ink on him is, well, very appealing...

AND, he's a theologian:


*For you non-Francophones, "What is deepest is the skin".

1 comment:

Stefan said...

Did you see Logan McCree´s private website?


They have new pictures there

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