Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Worse than me

Just found a bunch of YouTube videos and some websites produced by homosexual men who are more homophobic than I am!

I have come to the point where the only thing about gays that I really like is that they have sex with one another. The knee-jerk liberal Democrat (or worse) politics, the feministoid animus against actual men and manhood, the victim-group attitudes....all this I can do without. But I do like the sex part.

These fellas, however, only like the sex part if it consists of frot, phallic rubbing. Although one liberal site will countenance cocksucking, I think. But they are as violently against anal sex as Leviticus and Jerry Falwell. To them, buttsex can only be degrading and dirty. Some of them go by the name of g0ys. That is a zero between the g and the y. Not a starter for me. I'm from NY and g0y will always mean Gentile. Jack Donovan's "androphile" is less odd, even though that, too, has little hope of catching on.

These sectarian spats are about as interesting as the theological differences between Dominicans and Jesuits. I do support these guys' unhappiness with the enforced ghyrliness of gay culture, but I have to say that I remain unmoved by their problem with penetration. Again, my experience counts for more than their arguments.

The following may be TMI for some folks, but what's the point of a blog about religion, sex and politics if you don't talk about it? Certainly both oral and anal sex can embody a very wide range of meanings. Any sex can do that. And I am well aware that oral and anal sex between men is especially open to interpretation. But one of the experiences I have shared with some of the men in my intimate life is a sense of being honored by vulnerability. They have felt it from me and I have felt it from them. In a way, it's precisely the riskiness of being the guy who sucks cock or who gets fucked which allows the act to become something much more. It's what I mean by sexual alchemy between men. Remarks from real life: "It honors me that you would do that for me." "It honors me that you would let me do that with you."

So there.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I'd always assumed that the Goy/g0y verbal collision was deliberate. (And I'm from Pennsyltucky.) Perhaps they even blame the "butt-phuck tyrrany" on the you-know-whodis, I'd thought.

I have some semi-sympathy with their take on things. In the signal that the gay-zone produces via media and porn etc. they're a giant temple to the buttsecks, a smaller altar to fellatio, and anything simpler just gets a few votive candles. Yet, the reality is the reverse, oral is actually more common than anal, and things like mutual masturbation the even the more common (according to a study by I. Cantre Call et alia). If the signal/image could be revamped accordingly, it would both capture reality better, and ook-out the general population the less.


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