Friday, April 23, 2010

Men's Studies: The Cutting Edge

One of the most prominent professors in the world of Men's Studies has decided to cut off his penis and be a lady.

Men's Studies is a pomo and feminist dominated academic passtime. The professor's actions are the logical outcome of the progressive male's beliefs. Now if he could only turn herself black.

What would be the response if, say, a prominent professor of Black Studies decided to do the Michael Jackson thing with bleach and plastic surgery and turn white? Hmmm...any guesses?

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Mr. Freeze said...

While all the dots are connecting perfectly, and I should be used to all the gender insanity by now ... I'm still at a loss when it comes to this.

Do no lightbulbs blink on for ANYONE dealing with this person in a professional environment? Has not one red flag been tacked above his head in regard to her JAWDROPPING conflict of interest?

Has not one man within her inner circle of Ivory Tower Denizens ever once winced and crossed his legs and yelled out "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???"

True story:

I used to hang out at a Drag/Trans Restaurant. Performances and craziness and Pan-Asian Cuisine for the tourists.

Aside from the usual roster of fags, female impersonators, and trannie hookers working there, there was a past-middle-aged man who worked for tips tending the ladies room. He would commute two hours by car each way to work for those tips, and he liked to dress like somebodies grandmother.

Looked much like the author in question, actually. But favored heavy woolen skirts and Xmas Sweaters. And a short gray grannie wig. No makeup.

He was planning a legal mid-life sex change operation. Primarily so he could hang out in any Ladies Toilet he wanted, whenever he wanted, unfettered and unquestioned.

He said he liked to listen to them tinkle.

Dunno where that came from.

Brain Fart.

Just thought it relevant.

And very, very disturbing.

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