Monday, April 12, 2010

Hurry up and die

Newsweek is alarmed by the "hate" and "extremism" in the current "anti-government" movement. I have a hard time keeping my breakfast down. I am sure they were also wringing their hands during the years when GWB was regularly hanged, drawn and quartered both in effigy and by the media. Now it's...oooooo...."hate".

The Boyo, who votes consistently for Democrats, subscribes to Newsweek. He also has a (gift) subscription to Mad. Told me yesterday that Mad is much better in every way.

The sooner Newsweek dies, the better. Such a waste of trees. Oh, is that "hate"?

Effing hypocrites.



Anonymous said...

I guess the MSM maybe mistakenly felt in control of anti-GWB "hate" that they seem'd to lead, even though depicting him as an ape etc exceeded civil discourse.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I remember a comedy mag parody ad during an era when Time magazine publish'd full-page self-promotion in their own magazine with the theme of "TIME. We don't fit the mold." The parody ad ran "NEWSWEEK. We don't fit the mold too!"

Alfred E. Newman said...

What me worry?

DoDoGuRu said...

Yeah the amnesia about constant (and sometimes award-winning) Bush assassination fantasies - even apart from the loons lynching and burning the guy in effigy - is obnoxious, but not shocking I guess.

I'm more shocked that the amnesia set in so quickly that administration people can whine about no one EVAH comparing Bush to Hitler.

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