Sunday, April 18, 2010


In the wake of watching that program on Rene Pena, the FTM guy, I have visited the world of FTMs on YouTube. Now you can hear about and see the transition from those going through it.

My first thought is, who pays for all this? Lifelong hormones, as well as the surgeries.

And the YouTube demographic is young. And, frankly, not very interesting. Well, self-obsession rarely is. Almost all the videos begin with, "Hey, guys. What's up?" These are young females turning into young males. And young males are not, as a group, very interesting.

The occasional one stands out.

A trans guy named TheSixPack. Has a six pack!

The politics and "theory" that goes along with this is mind-bending. Did you know that if you are born with a gender that you are comfortable with that you are "cisgendered"? And that you have "cisgender privilege"? You can imagine how sympathetic I am to THAT stuff.


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