Monday, April 12, 2010

Two men, two minutes

Two men kissing. Still mesmerizes me. My ex finds it the most intimate of actions between men. He will turn away, out of modesty and respect, if he comes across two men locking lips.

Unlike some of the other more dramatic forms of male with male sexual connection, this one cannot be mistaken for anything other than what it is. There is an equality both in power and vulnerability which makes the kiss between men stunning, even awesome. To quote a deep and sensitive thinker (me):

This is the alchemical gesture.
Once the mutual recognition,
invitation, exploration,
challenge, intimacy
is established there,
then all the apparently more
explosive symbolic sex acts
and the whole rhythm of
physical and emotional power exchange
between two males
is set in its right archetypal context.

*Twenty plus years ago, my then boyfriend J had three children. We were pretty discrete about displays of affection when they were around, but once he and I were engaging in the above depicted activity (standing, and fully clothed) when his daughter rounded a corner unexpectedly and found us out. She was about 5, a preternaturally savvy and charming witch. Her eyes got wide as plates, as she said thru her missing teeth and in her 80's slang, "Oh, my. Two boyth kithing. How grody." And then, without missing a beat, asked if she could have some cookies.


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