Saturday, April 24, 2010

Too bad

I chanced upon a program about death row in Texas. Of course it was filled with pity for the poor souls there. One guy named Willie took part in breaking into the home of an 85 year old woman and shooting her while robbing her. In his own words, he "smoked the bitch". It was not his first offense nor first act of violence.

For my money, any one who invades a home and causes a loss of life during that event should be taken down, no questions asked.

The story was full of sorrow for poor Willie cause he turned into a nice guy on death row. His girlfriend wept. We were treated to someone lamenting how "society" was killing "those it had abandoned."

Such BS. He got what he deserved. And if he was indeed rehabilitated, and took responsibility for killing an old women in her own home, terrified and alone, he should have said that he deserved to die for what he did.



DoDoGuRu said...

Did they do the sob story about how he found Jesus in prison and how if God could forgive why can't we?

That's always the richest part of these guilt homilies.

Thank God Texas is Texas and not Arkansas or Huckabee would be out freeing these murderers onto the streets.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

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