Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A not so thin green line

Powerline disagrees with Sarkozy's ban on the full Muslim veil in France. On good American grounds about religious freedom. Sarkozy's justification has to do with the dignity of women and Powerline says it is not the state's business to impose a particular ideology.

I don't know if Sarkozy believes his justification, or if he is using it as a cover, as it were, for the real issue: the expansion of Islamic power in French society.

The trouble is that Islam is not like Buddhism or Presbyterianism. It is an expansionist territorial theocracy. The full veil is part of conquering turf for the Prophet.

The trouble is that once you have a significant Muslim presence in a Western country, you cannot have freedom of religion any longer. The terms are obsolete. Either they dominate or they are contained.

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