Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Watching my favorite episode of Psych, I am reminded of how tiresome self-obsessed Negroes can be.



-A said...

Is it one of those episodes where Gus (what is it with whiny beta negro men and claiming Germanic names as their own?) is surrounded by nice and hospitable White people only to hunker down next to whats-his-face and whisper "I don't feel safe/comfortable here..."


DrAndroSF said...

Yup. The mere existence of a tiny rural White town offends him, and we are supposed to sympathize with him.

Of course, this is fiction and comedy, but I've experienced it in real life, too, and it is tedious and self-pitying. You can ignore it, in which case you seem to give assent or if you confront it, shit hits the fan.

It's the Black equivalent of "Do I Look Fat In This Dress??

-A said...

More like, "Do I look White in this suit?"


Anonymous said...

Not quite the same issue, but an equally noxious piece of black hypocrisy and white guilt-ridden reactive footwork is the phenomenon of the black who knows - and explicitly comments on, or acts to avoid - black criminality: that person is somehow to be quietly forgiven where equivalent action or behaviour on the part of a white would emphatically be Raciss'. We had that in the UK a few years ago with the appalling Dianne Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney, black "commentator" and discrimination -spotter. She sent her son to a public (that is to say, in Brit-speak. private and fee-paying) school "so he wouldn't finish up in a gang". The same brave single mother disapproves of government schemes to fund such education for other black (or white) working class children ("elitist"; "divisive"): they should take their chances of a stabbing or drug addiction in the failing black socialist heaven which is the London Borough of Hackney.


-A said...

When will the English get their turbulence back? Sounds like some uppity, obsolete farm equipment needs to be returned to either Somalia or Jamaica, whichever it was bought from.


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