Saturday, September 26, 2015


Chad Allen. Actually Chad Lazzari. Like Mr B, one of those blondish Italians.

And an out gay man and actor. Although he holds all the standard Borg positions of the LGBT thing, I've always liked him in movies. Especially the Donald Strachey series. His character saves the otherwise predictable LGBT attitudes in those stories. He plays a guy.

Now, alas, he has retired from acting. And has decided to become a psychologist.

I'll miss ya, Chad.

Oh, and by the way, when are your office hours?



-A said...

Are most of the blondish Italians Lombard, do you think? I have seen many that are much more handsome than this fellow. I would think that it would be an attraction but birth rates are low even there.


DrAndroSF said...

You find blondish Sicilians, too. Legacy of the Normans, I suspect.

Since technology has severed the link between sex and pregnancy, attractiveness leads to a lot of fucking, but not many babies.

Another irony is that if Europe had remained Catholic and had obeyed the restriction against artificial contraception, even after the auto-genocides of the two European Civil Wars in the 20th century, it would be full of Europeans, not Muslims and Africans.

-A said...

Talk about a feature and not a bug.


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