Friday, September 18, 2015

Suicidal lemmings for Jesus

I don't know how the upcoming Synod on the Family in Rome will turn out, but everything to do with it indicates to me what a destructive clown the Holy Father is.

Like the feckless Anglicans (and all the other mainline Prots), he seems to focus on pleasing The Cultured Despisers of Religion. And if history and experience show anything, it is that every capitulation to them only increases their despite.

Homosexuals are, in the US, less than 3% of the population. And damned few of us are committed Christian church-goers. LGBT culture is flamboyantly (of course) and contemptuously anti-Christian. And yet the US Episcopal church picked a gay man to be a bishop, knowing the internal fractures that would follow. Why? To signal to The Cultured Despisers of Religion --quite a few of whom are Anglican clergy, apparently-- that they would Do The Right Thing No Matter The Consequences. How brave. How beneath contempt. How White.

It is certainly a sign of my residual Catholicism that it would never have occured to me in a thousand years to make a pro-gay move that would create schism. And the Anglicans have fatally wounded themselves just to please a tiny group of people who despise them..

Which brings us back to Francis The Talking Pope. Who knows? Maybe the Synod will pull it out of the fire and maintain Catholic doctrine on marriage despite the damage His Narcissism has wrought. But this Evita Peron in clerical drag seems bent on trying to curry favor with the least committed at the price of severely demoralizing the most committed. For just one example, while letting the post-Christian eco-feminist nuns of the LCWR off the hook entirely, he has put a traditionalist Franciscan order under virtual house arrest. WTF?

Part of me is amused that part of me cares about this. After all, my current feeling is that Christianity has betrayed two groups that are important to me: men and Whites. So why should I care what they do about divorced people and communion?


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-A said...

You remember what it was before the betrayal. It is one of the last vestiges of European civilization. Also, it is all such bullshit that anybody sane would care enough about it to call out what bullshit it all is. You are still shocked, too, because at first, it even seemed that Francis would at least uphold Catholic doctrine, even if he was a humblebrag show-boater with mock humility.


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