Saturday, September 05, 2015

Christianity and the post-Roman West

The Lord Christ, Catalonia, early 1100's

My lastest reading on the fate and fall of the Roman Empire in the West, by specialist historian Adrian Goldsworthy, asserts the this collapse had very little to do with Christianity (pace Gibbon) and far more to do with universal human passions for wealth and power. The parade of failed emperors, coups, and civil wars in the last two centuries after Constantine --himself winner of a civil war-- strongly suggests this. The conversion to Christ failed to stop what had been going on for a long time.

Based on this assumption, I make the claim the while its current state has grown toxic for the West, Christianity as Christendom, was what allowed the emergence of a genuine and commonly held White European civilization.

The combination of racial and religious history which made it possible for such diverse groups as Orthodox Slavs and Protestant Brits and Catholic Spaniards to think of themselves as related even when at war is the work of the Church as Christendom, the Realm of the Christians.

When Christendom was weakened and began to fade, first with the Reformation, then with the Enlightenment and the rise of the secular Euro nation-state, only then did we have the ghastly outcome of our White Civil Wars, beginning with the mid 19th century and nightmarishly culminating in the 20th. Our native populations --of young males especially--were decimated and the colonial peoples we had conquered saw us as beatable.

Although testy neo-pagans claim that "tolerance" is the great virtue of polytheism, they fail to note that such polytheism has very definite limits --as a religion--in its ability to create a sense of common kinship. I would suggest --not argue, because it's a new idea for me and a large one-- that in the wake of Rome's collapse and the incursions of the Barbarians, it was precisely the triumph of modifiedly monotheist and dogmatic Christianity which finally allow the initially hostile (and always competitive and fractious) forces of the old Empire and the great new populations of the incursions finally to mesh together into Europeans. (To give them due credit, the Mohammedans --and Jews, too--as Other helped a lot to coalesce the sense of common spiritual kinship; were Christianity still healthy, they still would.)

I do not dispute --very painfully though it be-- that Christianity in it current Liberally-infected state is inimical to White Men and to the European peoples generally and that it needs to be transcended, but I reject the notion often heard by the "kike on a stick" crowd that Europe was victim for 1500 years to a Semitic captivity.

Christianity may have harbored within it the universalizing seed of our destruction, with its worship of weakness and failure, but it was the hostile Enlightenment --anti-Christian to its core-- which really birth the cancerous Liberalism which is now consuming our people alive. When Christianity was orthodox and self-confident, its celebration of humility was far more than compensated by its sense of itself as the triumphant culmination of all of history. Note the image above.

As I wrote on FB recently, where over 10,000 deluded Icelanders volunteered to take tens of thousands of Syrian "refugees" into their tiny island, when these folks were devout Lutherans they would never have done that. Only after "liberating" themselves from their "dogmatic and restrictive" old Faith have they shown themselves to be so blindly entranced by updated dreams of selfless suicide.

It may have been the very "Semitic captivity" of Christianity which created us as White Westerners and allowed us to thrive and survive.

Till now.


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-A said...

The Church showed how the Europeans were cousins in Culture and Blood. They lost this when Locke made his assertions for tolerance among Europeans which were butchered by the peasantry (slowly becoming Bourgeois and then de facto Aristocracy through plutocracy) to extend to all peoples. Why not, we are all human and we have that in common. The Euros lost their understanding of commonality as well as difference as being important for peace. I do think that a more Euro-Centric religion could replace Christianity (because I just dislike Luther and hate Calvin) but it really is not necessary if our people can see the necessity of having our own identity. In fact, this would restore the virtues of Christianity itself and make us more resistant to destruction from the inside. Euro-Sphere and Christendom!


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