Saturday, September 19, 2015

Not bad at all

The interweaving of myth, community and ritual (and although he did not mention it, a code of behavior) is nicely condensed here by a practitioner of Nordic neo-paganism. The 4 C's of religion: creed, community, cult and code.


Anonymous said...

There's something about what he says that, in his own words, rings "True" for me.

Your talk about thesis, antithesis, and synthesis has reminded me of a similar analogy I made a while back: Europe's lineage as a tree (Yggdrasil, if you're so inclined), that the old pagan traditions were the roots that gave nutrients (here, base awe of the world and primal faith in forces greater than ourselves and beyond the universe) to the tree, the trunk was unified Christendom, and the multitudinous branches are us, enlightened by science. The contrast of the roots and the branches, of raw and immutable primal faith and methodical, ever-advancing science. It reminded me of your realization that Europe itself is built upon the innate dynamism between mysticism and empiricism. This strengthens the Yggdrasil analogy, since in Norse myth, a dragon that dwells at the roots of Yggdrasil (faith and mysticism) and an eagle that roosts in the branches of Yggdrasil (reason and empiricism) are in constant conflict and argument.

The two of us has hit upon something here, I think. :)

P.S. The fellow in the video is named, appropriately enough, Paul Waggener. He's a friend and something of a spiritual advisor to Jack Donovan. Not a bad-looking man, and he boasts an impressive physique. Pretty sure he wouldn't take kindly to fellows like you and I, though. Which I don't begrudge him; his group, his rules. Still, that's a little disappointing, since from the pictures I've seen of his group, I might join if I thought I could keep up with them (i.e., 0% body fat) because it looks, in the words of C.S. Lewis, "terribly fun." Then again, Donovan's joined his group, and Donovan is openly homosexual in the sense that his preference for men is public knowledge, and he has not denied it when asked about it in public forums. I know certain WNs have blacklisted various groups and publications for associating with a "queer." So the Wolves may have a don't-ask-don't-tell or "frot good, anal bad" thing. Who knows?


-A said...

Sean beat me to it. I must say, many of the Wolves of Vinland are quite handsome. I also like how they seem prepared for a social collapse. Perhaps my attachment to Teutonic Paganism was not so foolish after all, if they can make something which transcends Charlemagne's Church.


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