Tuesday, September 01, 2015

This fallen world

Whilst in a store in NY, I spy the outline, from the back, of a tall, broad-shouldered, crop-haired man in a pair of slacks and a light polo shirt.

He turns to speak to one of his staff and I see a Mediterranean nose and jawline, powerful build, age about 25.

I hear him talk: out pops a 17-year old high school girl.

I want to curse God.



-A said...

Talk about a buzz kill. The faggotry is spreading like the wildfires of the West Coast.


-A said...

Just a question: did you ever read the book "Goodbye, Good Men" by Michael Rose? He seems to have written in his book that Catholic seminaries were hotbeds of homosexual activity for a number of years. I just thought it was interesting and wondered if you have ever heard of it and what you think about it.


Anonymous said...

'Tis a bonafide trend among homosexual men- so often, the masculine-looking ones have the highest and most effeminate voices. I swear they practice pitching up their voices. I rarely see the same with straight men.


DrAndroSF said...

There were a lot of gay men in seminaries, yes.
I was not alone.

Although gay men are the most egregious examples of effeminate speech, you see an awful lot of straight guys who have really softened their tone, etc. Social Justice Warriors, for example.

-A said...

As Gavin McInnes said (I cannot find it on Google) "To all straight millennials, I am sorry, I totally thought you were gay."


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