Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trannies to the rescue

Mr B is in Italy and so he is not able to fulfill his regular duty of making me laugh out loud each morning. I miss that. I laugh a lot less when he is away.

But today, via a FB link from a dear friend who is as liberal as they come --a Unitarian lesbian minister, no less-- comes this hilarity, which produced the usual Mr B effect of out loud laughing.

The prologue: Being trans is an identity that comes with a bill.

Transgender rights health

The new frontier in LGBT Civil Rights...

The predictable rest of it, in all its glory, is here. Keep laffin, boys and girls and er...



-A said...

"Few insurance carriers covered the treatment, despite the American Medical Association declaring in 2008 that gender dysphoria is a “serious medical condition” that “for some people without access to appropriate medical care and treatment” can lead to “suicidality and death.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No shit! What they need, however, is psychiatric treatment, not to have the luxury of an operating room and aid of a medical professional as they mutilate their genitals. Much less prescriptions for endocrines that could kill them or even worsen their psychological condition and expedite their arrival to destination suicide.

It is amazing. It really is amazing. They say it right out loud now, too.


unkmonk1 said...

What is "suicidality"?

DrAndroSF said...

Suicidality is the tendency to want to, to attempt or commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Testosterone does not become them.

Oddly enough, I've seen more than a couple transmen (that's the word, right?) who, I admit, have gotten a (rather confused) reaction from me. So why does a woman-to-man look good, but a man-to-woman look bad?


-A said...

Women can bulk up but men need surgical procedures to prune their man-build. Also, many feminine traits look great on men when they compliment their overall masculinity. Man-purty speaks to the homoerotic of all stripes.


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