Thursday, September 17, 2015

Anuddah dis n dat

Ann Coulter rustled yet another Sacred Minority Victim Group with a Tweet. Refuses to repent of her imaginary crime. The sky is falling and she is The Worstest Human Evah.

So many people are zombies and don't know it.

September is a wonderful month in San Francisco.

Utopianism, located in this world or in the next, easily leads to nihilism.

The Beginning of All Things and The End of All Things can only be spoken of meaningfully in mythological terms. That having been said, I think it's pretty safe to assume that Jesus is not literally coming back.

The more problems you try to fix, the more problems you create. Life can be managed, not solved.

As I play with the outlines of a future Euro religion that UpLifts* Christianity into a new framework, I am more impressed with the genius of Apostolic Christianity --Orthodox and Catholic-- in its capacity to UpLift Judaism into a Greco-Roman framework that Jews could never have imagined. And still find abominable.
*My translation of Hegel's Aufheben, subsumes by a combination of cancellation and preservation.
One of my sad and embarrassing realizations in old age is that my life-long philoSemitism is not returned.

This recent invasion of Europa from the south reminds me of the Gothic War. Rome never recovered.

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-A said...

Too bad the descendants of the Goths never really learned their lesson. Once we got done with the First Crusade, all ideas of diversity should have been off limits but, these revisions have been made to policy by the descendants of peasants who never even saw the damn war. Typical, all the way back to the first damn millennium.


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