Thursday, September 10, 2015

Slouching Toward Brussels

Returning to Europe in 1975 (?) with my first boyfriend, a very acute observer, we were both struck by how insubstantial the mother continent felt, that it would be ripe for some truly powerful and passionate phenomenon to wipe it all away. Back then we thought it might be some kind of resurgent fascism.

If only!

Never could have imagined that the Mohammedan jihad which Christian Europe resisted and defeated over and over again from Charles Martel to the Siege of Vienna, would be the rough beast, its hour come at last, slouching toward our ancient homeland. Having liberated itself from its old Faith and its repressions and hierarchies and dogmas, it divested itself of its native immune system, its mot powerful weapons of resistance to an alien Faith which brooks no opposition and remains as self-confident as it ever was, against which the castrated victim-appeasing Liberalism of the EU has no defence.

(BTW, Islam embodies everything liberalism hates about historic Christianity and then some, yet they invented "Islamophobia" to protect it from critique.)

We are all supposed to open our homes up to these savages over the picture of one dead baby, but the thousands of White English girls pimped and raped in Rotherham for decades by Muslims is something polite people do not bring up.

And in the meantime, to accomodate itself, the Church allowed itself to be infected with the glib foolishness of post-War humanism, so that now it is worse than useless, in fact, a traitorous accomplice to its most undying foe.

Incredible. The Most Foolish People On The Planet (c).


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-A said...

If only indeed. I can't believe all of the shaming shit about Hitler wasn't taken as a personal challenge by all remnant Fascists left on the continent.


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