Saturday, September 05, 2015


The Right’s Jewish Problem - Taki's Magazine:

A Jew who dared question the Canonical Version of the history of Europe's Jews in WWII got cast into outer darkness by the very same Hollywood right-wingers who otherwise paint themselves as speakers of Truth to Power. By his self-description, he had unimpeachable pro-Israel credentials, etc. but made the fatal mistake of asking questions about What Must Never Be Questioned.

It's perfectly natural for Jews to make "The Holocaust" their historical centerpiece. What I no longer buy is that it's anyone else's.

Or that it should now buy them any particular moral immunity. It's just a Hebrew version of "the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow." And, frankly, gets all-too-often used for the same corrosive purposes.

"Anti-Semitism," along with "homophobia" and "racism" and "sexism" and "Islamophobia" and all the other isms and phobias, is a shorthand thought-weapon, understandably promoted by any group which feels threatened. Or in most cases nowadays, insufficiently worshipped. In which case, "beatings will continue until morale improves."

But all these essential fraudulent and completely self-serving sleight-of-hand concepts contain an implied but implacable Prime Directive payload inside the exterior viral coating. Not only are you forbidden from disliking them, but in order to avoid the catastrophic charge of any of these Orwellian isms and phobias, you must adopt an unquestioningly uncritical, agreeable, celebratory and, as I said, worshipful attitude toward the groups they protect.

Any group lucky enough to be graced with an ism or phobia of their own becomes a Sacred Victim Group. Thus, worshipful is not an exaggeration, since offending any of them is treated in our secular culture exactly as blasphemy, heresy or witchcraft were treated in pre-modern ones, as violations of holiness and transcendant value. We no longer put people on the literal rack until they confess and repent and we don't physically burn them in the public square anymore, but in our own way, we do exactly the same thing to those perpetrators of CrimeThink who will not burn incense to Caesar...or Shmuel, or Mohammed, or Rosario, or Laquisha or Bruce or Emma Sulkowicz, as she carries her cross longer than Jesus through the valley of the shadow of death, aka, my alma mater Columbia University.

I bought all of these notions, for a long time. But, like a good Gnostic,  I took The Red Pill.

Now I know they're all crap.


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-A said...

I have noticed that even the biggest pro-Zion refuses to live in Israel.


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