Saturday, September 19, 2015

Why the Churches are dying


unkmonk1 said...

How often do you see medical schools advertise? They don't need to troll for students-because their students not only get jobs, they get real jobs. After graduating with a degree in "Divinity", these people will be circling like sharks in the shrinking pool of full-time pastors' positions in the ever-diminishing Mainline churches, with a massive load of debt to boot.
Come back in five years and see if she's smiling then.

DrAndroSF said...

You asked what "suicidality" meant. This ad's a great example.

I have lately come to the tentative but serious conclusion that the process of secularization in the West is unstoppable and so even conservative and traditional forms of Christianity will continue to shrink.

However, all the evidence I have seen leads me to believe that the pandering of the Churches to the ascendant, aggressive and totalizing new faith of Secular Humanism only accelerates their demise, to the point of being suicidal.

I take it as axiomatic --and there's evidence to support it-- that organized religion relies on men. If you lose the men, you're losing everything.

Churches that falsely imagined the current version of egalitarianism to be the true heart of Christianity (a charge that traditionalist neo-Pagans press very hard) and followed up their adulation of the racial "civil rights" movement with the ordination of women will move inelectably to the ordination of "LGBTs" and then support of genderless marriage. And so on it goes. Their real religion is liberal politics; their actual theological history and commitments mean nothing to them. And the secular humanists only hold them in greater contempt for their surrender.

Men can smell where they are not wanted and especially where they are not honored and where a given field provides them with no status, and they walk away in droves. Whether it's Protestant churches or liberal Jewish synagogues, they become pink ghettoes overnight. Women and gays stay. Straight men flee.

Just looking at this picture of this giggly adolescent female gushing about the "incredible community" where everyone is "so supportive" makes your testosterone level plummet. Take away the text and it could just as well be an ad for a social work program or a sorority.

unkmonk1 said...

The two groups -social wok and the clergy- overlap to the extent that it's only weird outfits and singing which separate one from the other.

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