Wednesday, September 16, 2015


It's been interesting to see myself try to imagine a Western post-Christian religion. Of course, it is merely a thought experiment, but rather than being vaguely agnostic about so many of the issues that used to engage me, I get to debate them in my own head. And I fear that I may be more romantic and less classical than I hoped!

While using the Hegelian dialectic and his tactic of Aufhebung/UpLift on this project, I took for thesis the ancestral religions and cultures of ancient Europeans and for antithesis the Christendom which replaced it, musing on what a synthesis of these two might look like.

While limping my way home from the office today (sprained ligaments in my knee), it dawned on me that the antithesis was Christianity, the early Christianity that came from west Asian Hellenistic Judaism, and that the synthesis was Christendom: which UpLifted so much of Greco-Roman classical and Germanic and Slavic barbarian culture under the banner of the Christian Church. It can be argued that while the Latins and Greeks, the Germans and the Slavs (and Celts, etc) were Christianianized, the Christian religion, once in their hands, was Romanized, Hellenized, Germanicized and Slavicized. It would indeed be odd were that not so.

Christendom began more or less from 380 --Emperor Theodosius' edict making Christ the sole god of the Roman Empire-- and died sometime IMHO between 1789 (French Revolution) and 1918 (the end of the First Great European Civil War), a reign of about 1500 years. Preceding Christendom was another period of similar length, about 1200 years, the Ancient Classical World, from the founding of Rome in 753BC and the 8th century BC appearance of the Greek polis until our 4th century.

None of these dates are exact, nor is the dyad of aeons or epochs I have described. But if it is more true to say that Christendom, now dead, was the synthesis of Christ and the Ancients...that it has already been done...where to go from here?

The Christian faith, dying in the West, is alive and growing in the Third World, along with Islam.
If Whites are so irreversibly poisoned by Liberalism that we cannot defeat the demographic jihad and reconquista being wrought on us, then all this is moot. We will, like the ancient Romans, cease to exist.


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-A said...

It is easy to wish for the best. We are all products of a more optimistic and ideological era. We would like to think that things are better and easier than they are. Do not let this get the better of you. At least you can see things for what they really are and contribute to making things the way they are supposed to be.


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