Friday, September 04, 2015

No escape

I took the risk of watching a 2011 Brit series on King Arthur. As I could have predicted, we have castrating feminist women and of course one of Arthur's knights is African. The Sacred Narrative requires this. Always.

All it lacked --so far at least, -- was the obligatory sacrosanct interracial couple.



Anonymous said...

Oh, don't worry. The serving girl of mixed ancestry is the Guinevere character. Nobody bats an eyelash that a maid (and one of mixed ancestry, to boo!) is the love interest of a clearly European king. Of course, nobody bats an eye at the African Knight of the Round Table, either.

I remember friends of mine getting obsessed with this show. I remember thinking, "What a piece of ahistorical crap" and moving on.

What I would like to see is an interpretation where Arthur is a legionnaire or a Briton auxiliary who must try to maintain order in Britannia as the Romans slowly withdraw. Or Arthur as a native chieftain in the post-Roman period trying to build a kingdom out of the chaos.


DrAndroSF said...

It's a shame but entirely predictable.

The Arthurian material is interesting and important because it is clearly a melding of traditional Europaganism with Christianity. The multilayeredness of The Grail makes it a common core image for Western religion.

-A said...

I guess Merlin wasn't magic enough for these Brits. Why is it that it seems so much more compulsory and monotonous when it is their TV? Is it because they have the most to remove from the hereditary coffers of their indigenous White population?


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