Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey post-prandiem

It worked. Spatchcocked bird was easy to cook -- 12 pounder took less than 90 minutes, 425 for an hour, and then 325 for the last 20 minutes -- and the skin was crisp and the meat was uniformly juicy. No undercooked areas. Easy to carve. My guests --including Molly the Wolfdog--enjoyed it. Very nice. Plus I got to say "spatchcock" a lot.

Started out with cashews, brie, hummus, and shrimps sauteed in roasted sesame oil and cumin. Red and white vinatages. Dinner was turkey, fresh cranberry sauce with oranges, green beans sauteed with almonds, sweet corn with bacon, cornbread stuffing, rice, gravy. Dessert was untraditional: brownies with vanilla ice cream, a Risling sparkling wine. Coffee. Not bad. And very convivial.
And a half hour after the guys had left, we went from this...

to this:

That portable dishwasher was one of the best buys I ever made. Got it second hand for only $50 from a couple fleeing the area after the DotCom meltdown.

Enjoyed the cooking process, chatted with family and friends by phone...a nice day.


Anonymous said...

I am almost more impressed with your cleanup than with your meal. I note that your dishwasher even adds a hazy soft focus to your light. My store doesn't even sell ones like that special order.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Everything in SF has a soft hazy focus, Nathan.

Anonymous said...

I auppose it would, if people there want to avoid all that evil definition.


Leah said...

You are welcome here any time to both cook and clean up - everything looked fantastic.
Sorry I missed you at lunch, wasn't our year to come north.

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