Saturday, November 06, 2010

Car wreck

I know that it's supposed to be trash, that it's only a facade of reality in the sense that it is played and probably semi-scripted for maximum conflict, drama, embarrassment, etc. In short, it's a gay version of Real Housewives. And the gender difference is minimal. Minimal. Bitches with dicks. And it's done that way on purpose. I know that.

That having been said, The A List is loathsome, pathetic, grotesque. If that's what gay is, then I'm in favor of reparative therapy and jihad. Creepy. Awful. Disgusting. Characters without character, utterly without dignity or worth, just attitude and money. If there's an argument for homophobia, there it is.


JnCalgary said...

For reparative therapy, try switching channels.
Totally works.
Just recently I was watching Dr. Oz explain body-mass index to an audience of overweight over-excited actual housewives. He, with his low BMI, perfectly coiffed hair and tender-hearted artificial voice, was making me crazy, made me want to explanetate. I switched channels and found a life-affirming episode of the Munsters.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Good advice, JnCalgary, but the car wreck is hard to turn away from. I'll try.

Explanetate. You must be a man with an English degree.

Did you know that Marilyn Munster is an archetype?

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