Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cultural contradictions

The FDA now wants graphic images of corpses and diseased lungs placed on cigarette packaging, to discourage smoking. But isn't it considered grotesquely and barbarically beyond the pale to show the actual results of abortion to discourage women from doing that?

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RightOn said...

Cigarette Health Warnings Stimulate Smoking. Putting pictures of diseased lungs won't make a difference. While it’s accepted wisdom that printing health warnings on tobacco product packages doesn’t have much of an impact on smoking behavior, researchers have found that the warnings had no effect at all on the cravings of smokers. This applied not only to the rather subtle messages on US packaging, but even packages that included bold text and gruesome disease photos. None, zero, nada. Even worse, they found that the health warnings stimulated the subjects’ nucleus accumbens, an area associated with cravings! The researchers concluded that the warnings not only didn’t help, but triggered a stronger craving. It's like putting a photo of a diseased liver on a bottle of Cavet Pinot Grigio; the $5 bottle of wine will still be popular in the Original Colonies.

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