Monday, May 04, 2015


I watched one of the original Star Trek episodes over the weekend. The groovy Roddenberry ethic in full flower from the beginning.

While no Chris Pine, or even Scott Bakula,
William Shatner when young was not bad at all.

Captured by an alien race that lives by conquest and a warrior honor code, but which has had to shift into humanoid bodies to achieve their dastardly ends, Jim Kirk and company use sex to turn these monsters into needy primates and wind up inviting them into the galaxy as "friends."

Sound like a plan, no? (Welcome to the Sixties. Again.)


PS. The fundamental ethic of Star Trek is The Prime Directive: non-intervention in less developed cultures. You can see here the self-loathing of the "colonialists."

And then we have another Numinous Negro, a more than brilliant Black who creates a supercomputer.  In real life, no Blacks have ever won a Nobel Prize in the sciences.

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Anonymous said...

I never quite saw the Prime Directive as being an anti-colonial creed. I actually interpreted it in a non-interventionist right-winger way: don't get involved in places that don't concern you. Of course, the anti-colonial bent is obvious once you realize that Roddenberry is a socialist.

Those archetypal moral virtues at play again.


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