Saturday, May 30, 2015


Had my ex over for dinner last night. We were together for 8 years and that ended 14+ years ago and have seen each other regularly.

But occasionally a kind of disagreement happens which rings up emotional memories of all the crappy arguments we had when we were a couple. Happened last night. We got through it and past it but it's one of the cons of knowing someone a long time.

The same kind of familiarity, when pleasant, is comforting. But when a conflict today awakens feelings of older strings of such stuff, it has a particularly unpleasant echo, even years later.

It's one of the reasons that long-term relationships break up, when the latest conflict remains connected to a long history of them and there seems to be no hope of stopping the cycle. It can lead to relationship despair.


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Anonymous said...

Sweet sorrow. Hints of bitterness, like good chocolate.


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