Sunday, May 03, 2015

AfroNegroKimeticism and Us

Wandering through YouTube, I came across some DNA testing info on Egyptian royal mummies. The comments --a global mosh pit as usual-- were full of claims and bile by AfricansInAmerica, claiming that Egypt was a Black African civilization and that this made them special or something.


But even if it were, what difference does it make now? Am I supposed to somehow think highly of Jawahn Antwan Khalid because of some imagined connection of 3000 years ago? My question would be, if you come from such great people, why are you so pathetic now?

If the population of the city of Rome in the 9th century AD could claim descent from Augustus and Diocletian, that would only make their 9th century weakness, poverty and squalor a source of shame for them.

Same with Guatemalans and the Maya, or the Mexican Indians and the Aztec, or the Peruvian Indians the Inca, etc.

And some day, if our devolution continues, our desperate White descendants can claim that their ancestors created one of the world's greatest civilizations. But compared to what their condition is likely to be, all that will do is condemn them.

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