Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thanks again, Rev King, for your legacy

In marking the 50th anniversary of the Moynihan report and engaging in the usual high-minded hand-wringing and fake causality memes, the liberal The Economist still can't hide the facts about "Black America":
If it were a separate country, it would have a worse life expectancy than Mexico, a worse homicide rate than Ivory Coast and a higher proportion of its citizens behind bars than anywhere on earth. This is despite the fact that, overall, America is home to the richest, most successful population of black African descent that the world has ever seen.

Read that again.

My thought experiments remain telling.

Imagine what a separate and independent country composed entirely of AfricansInAmerica would be like. (see above)

Imagine what the USA would be like if you raptured away all 40 million AfricansInAmerica.

As I've oft said, I do not at all in the slightest believe in Utopia, but I see no reason to embrace Catastrophe.




Anonymous said...

Nothing would be better than to just kiss goodbye the fickle gift of diversity and embrace the boring wool shirt of homogeneity. It would be tough for us evil White People to live with all of the venom and cruelty of our ancestors and culture but, we would be able to chug on and be much better for it. Go to heaven dear nap-scalps, we will just have to live without your seraphic radiance.


Anonymous said...

I would keep the Ben Carsons and the Alan Wests. There's a handful of Blacks who would probably beg for the rest of them to be cordoned of somewhere, and they would probably not try to undermine the country afterwards.


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