Thursday, May 07, 2015

Wassup, Blakkamerica?

Prospects for Black America | American Renaissance:

An AR report on a Manhattan Institute conference on the future of  Black America, specifically in light of the huge illegitimacy rate among them, almost 3/4, 50 years after the Moynihan Report predicted doom for them if the rate reached 25%...a rate which Whites have now surpassed on their own.

It was populated by conservatives, Black and White both, not White Nationalists

Almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. Why? The general feeling, regardless of race, is that only Blacks can fix what ails them. Apparently that kind of "empowerment" doesn't fit The Narrative.

Here's some excerpts from two Black speakers:

Poverty and racism did not destroy the black family, (Robert Woodson) said, because the black family was much stronger when those problems were worse. When welfare became a right, the result was “moral deregulation.” 
If illegitimacy rates suggest that 70 percent of black families are dysfunctional, it means 30 percent are functional. “We should study them and find out what their coping mechanisms are,” he said. “We need to stop studying failure; you learn nothing by studying failure. Find out who has a job and why.”
Glenn Loury of Brown University pointed out that in any conversation about race, “facts don’t govern; the narrative governs,” and the narrative is one of white responsibility for the misbehavior of blacks.

Finally, he noted that “people get into leaky boats and come from all over the world to live in the United States, and they generally do pretty well.” This makes people turn to blacks and ask, “What’s up with you people?”


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Anonymous said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with the article but, since you watch game of thrones, I assumed that you might like this article. Tell me if you like it.

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Anonymous said...

Lo! I can! HTML is MAGIC!!!!


Anonymous said...

Imagine my surprise to find on Wikipedia that Allen West... a black man... is a contributor to American Renaissance. Huh.


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