Monday, May 18, 2015

Fact Vs Narrative

Spent yesterday afternoon with a very old and dear friend and his wife and very smart teenage son. They are all drenched in East Coast liberalism...and live in a tony all-White suburb north of NYC.

It's a kind of game among us now when the Old Rightwinger shows up with his outlandish opinions. The boy, a powerhouse of a kid, whom I have known since he was an infant, tells me that he doesn't believe that I believe the things I say because I am way too smart for that.

I get that a lot. Of course, "smart" by itself has little to do with it. As I explained to him, perhaps I believe those things precisely because I am so smart. And anyway, we all live inside narratives far more than facts.

But my conversation with these folks, who are wonderful, makes me see how utterly drenched they are in the dogmas of liberalism, especially the absolute equality of the races and the sexes. Any suggestion that this is not so brings on a kind of momentary seizure.

And if you look at facts --at least within the narrative I now find most accurate!-- there is more reason to believe in the Holy Trinity than in these two utterly unfounded fantasies.


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Anonymous said...

Like with all collegiate or generally pseudo-intellectual hubris, as my mother says, a year selling lawn furniture at Wal-Mart will take care of that. Though, I believe she said the same thing about "commie talk."


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