Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Racism: The Most Destructive Idea In Western History

You know about racism. It's The Worstest Thing Ever. In like, all of, like, history and stuff.

And you know, as we all know, that the only kind of racism that counts is White Racism. Sure, Iranians may have a very dim view of Arabs and the Malays may envy and loathe the Overseas Chinese. Hell, Latinos are definitely not fond of Africans in America.

But the only thing "racism" really means is that White people's attitudes, beliefs and actions toward non-Whites, --Blacks most especially of all-- are both incorrect and immoral . So that any hint of racism in a White person --and after all, only Whites are really affected by it-- means that you are stupid and evil.

I mean, just try to make a case that giving someone a job because he's darker than you is racist and, well, they'll laugh you out of the room. Only Whites can be racist, you silly White wabbit.

So let's put it this way: if you, as a Person Living With Whiteness, accept that A. racism is a real thing and B. is in fact The Worstest Thing Ever, and that C. only you and your kind are infected with this Real and Worstest Thing Ever, what conclusion must you eventually draw about yourself and your kind?

If only You People are carriers of this Worst of All Evils, then your only option is suicide, no?
I mean, like, for the sake of the planet.

(Well, you can try to engage in a root and branch moral excavation of yourself and your people and your culture to kill off "racism," --as most White people have desperately tried to do--but it's obvious that after 50+ years of trying, that Black people are still a huge mess because of your "White privilege" and your "White supremacy". I mean, without that, they'd be just like, well Swiss people with dark skins who like dance. But that hasn't happened, therefore your attempt at self-cure is futile. So back to option A.)


Unless you want to go on being stupid and bad and being, according to Jewish Lesbian Susan Sontag, "the cancer of humanity."

Conclusion: once Whites accepted that racism was both real* and terrible, they signed their own death warrant.


*PS. It's not.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Barbara Spectre will make everything better again. She's the greaterest evar!Hitler Cat calls her Teh Nobul Juu.


DrAndroSF said...

I did not know who Barbara Spectre was but I just found out. Jesus, if you want to advertize to Gentiles why they should hate Jews, lady, you couldn't have done a better job.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Maybe this will be a wake up call in general. If we cannot trust Jews, what makes anybody think we can trust any of the otheruns?

Anonymous said...

Forgot it again. Imagine what the aptly named Mr. Sacks would have done to me were he in the nude. It would be hilarious if he weren't cut, though.


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