Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Been stewing all morning about a comment in a friend's Facebook post. Yeah, what a waste of time, right? When one of my patients --shows you the power of the unconscious-- spontaneously told me that Facebook and e-mail and the internet were all evil and should be shut down, I could relate.

Rather than playing out the whole tiny cramped micro-event, I will just say that the woman who wrote it exemplifies the ethical self-adulation and condescendingly passive-aggressive contempt that lives within the "progressive" bubble and its high-mindedly suicidal narrative.  Were the bitch within arm's reach, I would have back-handed her across her smug mouth.

And when I become Consul of the Post-American Republic, she's gonna be parachuted right into the darkest African heart of the wall prison-city of Detroit. Then we'll see #Who'sLifeMatters.

Now back to my excellent salt bagel and coffee.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am like a woman when it comes to gossip about smacking the sass off of a bitch's face.


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