Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's what Malcom wanted

The Only Antidote to the Oppression of Blacks in America - The Unz Review:

I have come to a very similar conclusion.
Both what is needed and why they will never ask for it:
they endlessly complain that The Man is keeping them down
when in fact he is the only thing holding them up.

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Update: on a quiet Sunday morning in Manhattan's Chelsea district, I am on line at Starbucks for a cup of coffee. Then begins the minstrel show, where one of Obama's Sons, in his 40's, dressed all in yellow, starts up with semi-nonsense repetitive questions and statements to the staff behind the case, flashing his iphone at them, smiling all the time but with just enough hint of crazy to suggest that he could switch from grinning to chimpout in a nanosecond. He kept it up for five minutes. Everyone else in the crowded store made believe they didn't see it.

The staff in this store is almost totally Black, and, as with all Starbucks employees, chronically pleasant. I am sure they were mortified.

Or maybe not. Maybe they were pleased to see all the White and Whitish patrons do their polite make believe out of fear, putting up with crap that, in a Black environment, would have been met with vigorous response. Who knows?

Thanks again, Rev King, for your legacy.


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Anonymous said...

They really want to be White. They want Whiteness to be granted to them on a silver platter. They think that is what we did for Asians and Indios so, that is what they want. They will never be able to deal with what White people have dealt with by way of recognizing past sins and dealing with self loathing. They do not have the stomach for it. Too bad. They should be sent back to the Africa. They are their own People and we are not responsible for them anymore. That must be why they still gripe about slavery, they didn't get the memo that if they want to be our problem, they need to pick our cotton. Sorry if I have too polar of a view on this matter but, I can't quite help the desire for a White Japan in Dixie.


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