Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Maxxed Out

On my bad days, the Fall of the US in a short paragraph:
Once the Blacks managed to convince White Men that the sorry state of Africans in America was because of their "Racism", they collapsed in a fit of moral self-indictment, and White women, combining the eternal resentments of females and their contempt for men who give in, rose up as a group and stabbed their men in the back. 
Example: White feminists join up with African-in-America feminist to trash White masculinity as the world's greatest problem. 

Especially with women, it is important to distinguish between
a. What they say they want
b. What they actually want but won't say (but expect you to guess)
c. What they really need but don't know (and will deny if you tell them)

As with all human things, pretend to be deaf and watch the action. There lies the truth.

To paraphrase Kate Hepburn's Elinor of Aquitaine in Lion In Winter, "Such, my angels, is the role of race and sex in history,"

Some of the Angry Young White Men that I read are angry about the upcoming Mad Max movie, which furthers the emasculation theme from Thunderdome, where Tina Turner ruled and the theme song was "We Don't Need Another Hero". In this latest overtly feminist flick, Charlize Theron plays "Imperator Furiosa" and is clearly the main character and dominant over Tom Hardy's secondary Max.

The Potemkin Village stretches out into eternity. Just as no White domain must be left unColored, so no Male domain must be free from vagina monologues.



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Anonymous said...

In one of the commercials, she even catches him from falling off the side of a moving vehicle through the driver side window and while she is driving, with one damn hand. Tank Girl bullshit.


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