Saturday, May 16, 2015

Eternal recurrence

Traditional Bible-based end-of-the-world image:

Cool contemporary Gaia-based end-of-the-world image:

23rd St and Lex, Manhattan: "It's not warming, it's dying!"


Anonymous said...

My background in geology has influenced my view of history in a profound way. History is no longer quite a straight line to me. It's more like an endless loop, with some permanent changes that become evident much later on. Everything that is happening has happened before, and will happen again. The time, the place, and the factors involved will change, but the processes are constant, and the results predictable.

On another note, today marks the one-year anniversary of my uncle's death. My emotions on the matter have been a jumbled mess, but seem to have quieted. No longer am I raging against I god I consider callous. I've accepted his death, and now find myself taking comfort in the hope that I will see him and the rest of my family after my death.

It seems the part of myself that desires continued coexistence with my family past coming out is the Christian side. The selfish side that wants to sever all ties afterwards and live only for myself is the heathen side.

It is said that homosexuals have been regarded as liminal beings in many cultures- one foot in one world or state, the other foot in another world; of both worlds, yet not truly of either world. I'm starting to understand that idea.


DrAndroSF said...

Anonymous said...

A poignant tale, Ex. People like us are stuck in no-man's land. To paraphrase Kipling, "Gay is gay and Catholic is Catholic, and never the twain shall meet."


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