Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Star Drek, continued and continued

Although I enjoy the plotlines of Star Trek Next Generation, I find StarTrek morality pathetic and contemptible and incoherent. And priggish and fake. Oh, and despicable and deluded.

The episode where Worf becomes paralyzed and wants to commit Klingon suicide, "Ethics", brings out all the hysterical dogmatic hypocrisy of the supposedly Other-respecting ethos when one of its pet cultural norms is violated.

Or the opprobrium visited on a mother who killed off the murderous Crystalline Entity because she acted out of "vengenance" vs the un-remarked ease with which Beverly Crusher offed the wholly benign "anaphasic lover" that gave her grandmother so much happiness.

As well, the whole series projects onto other species the same kinds of stereotypes that the writers would be screaming in horror about were they projected onto other races within the species Homo sapiens. 


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