Monday, March 02, 2015


As I've often noted, in contemporary UK dramatic pieces there is a dearth of characters who are not empty, coldly raging, narcissistic, both nihilistic and moralistic. And very often, damned homely and unattractive. Males and females both.

Example, the leads in Broadchurch:

Even though the Brits are melting down, I retain some residual feeling for them. After all, a race that can produce both Shakespeare and Russell Tovey can't be all bad.

So it still offends me to see --as Broadchurch exhibits-- the colonial backwash infecting Albion, Africans and Muzzies pretending to be "British," along with the culture-killing native gynocracy.

Like em or not, they were once a very great people.

Another example. Peaky Blinders, about a early 20th century criminal gang in Manchester. In the first minutes of the first episode, we get a city with lot of Chinese and a prominent Jamaican, to let us know that Britain has always been a multicultural and Whites are just racist to think otherwise. Then we get the Powerful Female dressing down the male lead by reminding him that during the Great War, women ran the gang just fine.

It happens in every BBC piece they now put out. Pravda West.


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