Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Liberals never have enough government or enough "social change."
Victims groups are always victims.
No problem is ever solved. 
New "solutions" are endlessly required.
New "issues" and "crises" constantly discovered. 

I am old enough to remember a time before
the 60's (although you can look back and see the cracks earlier.)
Huge areas of life that were once
nobody's business,
are now highly regulated
both by state and society.
The expansion of control has been staggering.

So, what then, is the endgame, the final outcome, of Liberal politics?
If, for example, the Democrat party were to become so dominant
that no legal opposition to it were possible
and one party's platform were to be translated
without effective resistance
directly into policy

Play out to their logical conclusion
  • multiculturalism
  • feminism (and lgbtqism)
  • wealth redistribution
  • environmentalism
  • secularism
  • pacifism
  • transnationalism
The short version?

Another form of Marxist Communism:
an effectively totalitarian egalitarian state
based on the destruction of all previously
successful groups and culture
in favor of sanctified racial, gender and economic
victim groups.

Sound crazy?

Research the growth of State regulation
and the cultural hegemony of Liberal Leftism
over the last 50 years,
think through each one of the above-mentioned
Seven Principles of Progress
as they continue to unfold for another 50 years,
and then describe the outcome.

What other outcome is possible?


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