Sunday, March 22, 2015

No Escape

Watching the season finale of HBO's Looking, my excuse to watch Russell Tovey.

His new boyfriend, the wishy-washy Patrick, goes with him to a young hipster party in their new apartment building. Patrick is shocked that it's an all White group. Russell doesn't even notice. And when it's pointed out, replies, "Oh."  Later on, while the new couple is fighting, wishy-washy Patrick refers to the people at the party as "the KKK." Just because they lacked the necessary redemptive presence of peeps of hue.

Made me sick to my stomach. Literally. No, not metaphorically literally, but actually. It's a shame I have come to see this pattern. Once you notice White ethno-masochism, you see it all over the place.

But if Russell came back in Season 3, if there is a Season 3, I'd get over it. I'm shallow that way.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Has someone mentioned to Patrick that San Francisco is the only metropolitan area in North America whose African-descended population has decreased in the past 15 years (15 to 8%)?
If he wanted to "Celebrate Diversity", why has he chosen to live in the city where, in one significant measure, it's going down?

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